A New Look
June 2, 2016



  • Its fitting that my Hokkaido snow beef arrived on a
  • Tuna tartare with all the fixins by russellbluesmith thesourcebywolfgangpuck tunatartare
  • Spicy beet tartare nigiri topped with crunchy quinoa namadc by
  • Looks like a pawpaw tastes like pawpaw but its not
  • A blushing Mountain Rose apple bourbonsteakdc Crisp crunchy and sweet
  • A bold and beautiful start to lunch bourbonsteakdc by thereeldood
  • A Thai tea flavored bubble waffle stuffed with coconut ice
  • A dark n stormy float with demerara rum bundaberggingerbeer and
  • Mango blooms atop a plateau of sticky rice thaichefdc mangostickyrice